Monday, December 11, 2006

Dog Days

I caught Dan's flu on Saturday morning. The plus side is that I have lost 5 pounds. The downer is that it's all water, so I'll just gain it back and I'm still sick to my stomach and pretty weak. I just pray that the babies don't get it. A flu like this could send them to the hospital.

We got our computer back and the hard drive is corrupt so we have to get a new one. The fellow that worked on the computer said that one of his clients had the same problem and has been waiting for the hard drive he ordered from HP since June. We had bought this kind of computer because it has a media center in it and we could watch cable TV on it as well as use it for our regular computer. It was really handy and I really liked not having a television to clutter up our living room. So being sick, Dan and I decided that the best medicine was HGTV and so we got a television on Saturday.
And just as a side note, despite my deathly illness, I'm still blogging. What's your excuse ladies?

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lisabean said...

I feel bad that you have such a nasty flu. I hope you feel better soon. I love the picture of John lounging, so cute.