Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Resolution

So this is our resolutions for 2007:
Kelly's List~
1) Plan meals at least three days at a time.
I've tried planning meals for the week and end up not feeling for what I've planned to cook on a certain night or I'm too tired to cook, but I really need to have a plan about what I'm doing and have the groceries purchased ahead of time, so I'm just picking a shorter planning periods. I think this should work better for me.
2) Keep a daily cleaning routine.
So maybe I should propose the Daily Cleaning...... wait for it...... Challenge!! (I watch too much How I Met Your Mother) Here's the little routine:
~keep kitchen tidy (of course)
~wipe down bathroom - I'm going to keep a rag basket in the bathroom and I've told Dan that the last person to take a shower (that is usually me, but just in case, he's been informed) has to take a rag and simply wipe down the counter, sink, shower walls, and toilet. No cleaner, just wipe it down dry. I've done stints of this in the past and it keeps my bathroom nice and shiny.
~sweep floors - we have the hardwoods and dirt builds up fast, so when I skip one day, you can tell.
~one load of laundry - this will hopefully prevent the huge pile up I end up getting and now and again
3) Kelly time once a week.
Becoming a mom has been a bit of a hard transition for me and Dan and I both noticed that I have forgotten to set aside time for myself to doing something without kids. We both feel this is really important for my sanity. So Dan and I agree that once a week I need to do something on my own. Maybe go to a coffee shop, thrift store, out with girls for drinks, etc.

Dan's List~
1) Say Jesus Prayer (we're both doing this one for a certain number of times per day)
2) Work on writing outside of class
3) Not buying lunch or food at school - on days that he needs to, he'll bring a lunch
4) Having a cooking night! I'm excited about this one. Monday night is Dan's night to cook dinner.

Our List~
1) Say morning and evening prayers together as a family (we've pretty sporadic about this and really feel that it is important for our domestic church to get on this).
2) Be in bed by 11pm on weeknights. We've gotten out of control with this bedtime thing and it makes for bad wake up times and then disturbs our whole day's routine.
3) Exercise three times a week. This is not so much a getting into shape resolution as it is a healthful need for us, both physical and mental.
4) Weekly date night!! Another resolution I'm excited about. So Saturday will be date night for this girl once again. I don't have money, and I don't have a sitter, but that's not going to stop us. Saturday nights will be romantic dinners cooked together, or getting cozy with a movie, games and wine, who knows what else. I just know that we need to get those boys to bed early and enjoy some time together, just the two of us.
5) Write our monthly budget. We've been a little out of practice with this one. We were doing really well for a while and it was great. As Dave Ramsey says, "Give every dollar a name" and we did. It was truly very freeing financially. So we are going to try and get back to that.

So that's it. Kind of seems like a lot all written out like this, but we feel it's really do-able.

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