Thursday, December 21, 2006

To give, or not to give....

This year my siblings and I decided we would simply pick names for gifts and not buy for everyone. There are five of us and when you start adding in-laws to the bunch (in addition to Dan, Mike's girlfriend - who I'm guessing will be an in-law in a couple years) it makes it a little hard on the pocketbook. So this seemed a great solution for us, that is, until I found out some were breaking the rules. A particular sister of mine (I won't name names) apparently purchased a gift for me, though she did not have my name. Normally, I would be completely fine with getting gifts, but now I am in a tuff position (by the way, I wasn't supposed to find out that she got me something, it was an accident). Should I get her something, or not??
Now, I made something, but I'm not sureI should give it to her. I found this awesome vintage fabric. The designer is Marimekko and it's circa 1972. I made this little bag last night and lined with vintage white linen. I think it's cool, but this sister is a bit picky (she dislikes going to thrift stores with me because she thinks their "stinky", but she's sometimes into teh whole vintage thing). So I'm wondering, should I go ahead and give her the homemade gift? Or, should I get her something from the store? Or, should I do nothing, because I'm not even supposed to know she got me something?


Vanillabean said...

hmmm... tough call. I wouldn't buy anything, because then the whole sandhill might come rolling down (everyone starts buying for everyone). I think the bag is Very CUTE! Give it to her. It's the thought behind it. If Katie puts a glum face on because it's "used" .. she needs to evaluate her materials.. could be a wake up call if that's what she cares about (a good gift too). She obviously got you something because she wanted to..maybe she saw something she couldn't resist and you having it would make her happy. BTW I'm sending you a link for the presant you should think about getting me
I am so stressed with christmas presants right now, and it's not even what it's about.

lisabean said...

Kelly the bag is soooooo CUTE!
I agree 100% with what erin said.