Friday, December 29, 2006

Wedding Cake

So Dan and my 3rd wedding anniversary was a couple days ago. Since we celebrated before, we just ended up hanging out with my brothers, Kayleen, and the babies and went to Red Robin for dinner on the real day.
We had a friend of the family make our wedding cake for us (I should dig out the picture and scan it for this). Honestly, I think it was the best cake I've ever had. It was a lemon cake with this delicious frosting. It was so good, that when we got back from the honeymoon, I took that top to the wedding cake, (you know that part you are supposed to freeze for a year and eat on your first wedding anniversary??) and Dan and I ate it all week long. I told myself that I was going to get the recipe and make it for all our anniversary. Well, three years later, I don't have the recipe, but I'm pretty sure I found something pretty darn close. I'm going to have to work on the frosting though. Well, the baking part too, as you can see from the previous post. But fortunately, it was salvageable and lots of frosting has always been my saving grace with cakes. Well....., not always, but mostly.

I didn't make the pretty design on the top by myself. There were these little plastic things on my real wedding cake that were used as a guide. I saved those suckers and have been packing them around with me to every home we've had since the wedding day. I'm proud to say I've finally used them. Now, hopefully, this cake will actually become part of our wedding anniversary tradition as I hoped it would.

Now that the cake is finally done and frosted, I can't eat it. I've been snacking on cake crumbs and licking bits of frosting so much, that I don't think I can handle anymore sugar tonight. What a little kid thing to do.

P.S. No, my kitchen is not currenly clean, so guess where I'm off to now.


lisabean said...

I love the cake, It looks delious!
Mmmmmmmm.....cake. I'm really craving sweets right now. That is such a sweet tradition to start. Does Dan like sweets? Bobby's not to big on them or so he claims.

Flighty Girl said...

Daniel can eat a whole HUGE meal and then, when I myself can't even think about eating another bite, he will ask for dessert, and then eat it. He claims he has a seperate chamber (kind of like a cow).