Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Where is punkin? Where is punkin?"

There is a two-year-old at the other end of the house singing this at the top of his lungs as he sits in his bed waiting for slumber. Actually, I'm waiting for slumber. He, as he is now requesting, is waiting to watch Elmo. I don't think either of us is going to get our wish any time soon.
I want to know though, where is my little 'punkin'? I mean this little boy can be all sweetness and lovey one minute and then breaking my antique German ornaments by throwing them at his brother (amazing ornaments too, that glass was paper thin, I've never seen anything quite like it). I'm so done with his naughtiness. I keep praying for patience, but I'm afraid my Christmas gift is going to be a trip to the loony bin, cause this kid is driving me nuts. And it's not like I'm not being consistent either. Some days I think this poor kid is going to grow up and remember the whole of his childhood was spent in time out. Dan's trying to blame me, saying that John must have my stubbornness. What a pot.
Pray. That's what I'll do. Who is the patron saint of naughty boys anyways?

Lisa, I hope you have much fun at your party. And I have to say, Isabella and Lucia are really two of the most beautiful baby girls I've ever seen. What would one expect, though, from such hot mamas?

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lisabean said...

Thank you for the hot mamas comment. I did get my butt pinch tonight despite my fatness. I think I covered it up well though.