Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Day in the Life

Our house guest, Fr. Jim, was here a bit longer. His flight got delayed and he would have missed his connection, so he just stayed the night last night and I had to drive him to the airport this morning. I'm quite scared of driving (anyone who knows my driving record would know why) so the morning started out with white knuckles.
The boys and I made it to story time after that. Story time at our library is great, it's more of a little class for toddlers. They sings songs, read books, and have interactive stories. Pretty cool. At the end of each story time they sing 'If You're Happy And You Know It'. John loves this song and sings it all the time with the clapping and the stomping and all. He is a bit shy, however, so it has taken him a while to sing when he is at story time. Today is the second time he has done so and I can't help but crack up. The other kids clap and stomp when they are supposed to, but John ends up looking like Steve Martin from The Jerk trying to find rhythm. He's just clapping and stomping all over the place with the most serious of faces, like he's on a mission to clamp and stomp the heck out of that song.
We had quite the exciting trip to the post office after that. There is nothing like trying to wrap ebay packages last minute while you are in a huge line of irritated people hurrying on their lunch hour, disgruntled postal employees giving you dirty looks because you can't quiet your tired baby, and your two-year-old running around like Macully Culkin on Home-Alone.
After that it was the hum-drum, naps, grocery, dinner, Daniel's class, baby to bed. Just another day.

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