Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Busy Fingers

I can't seem to make one type of thing for too long. So flighty. I found this pattern and decided to make some little booties out of some salvaged materials. The print seemed like something Gwen Stefani would put on her little guy Kingston. If you decide to make some yourself, I made the 3-6 month size and they are much more like 12 months. Finn's been wearing some 12-18 Robeez and these little booties fit him fine.

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Irina S. said...

Yes they do look like something Kingston would wear. Very cute!
I see you're reading your Celebrity Baby Blog. They have lots of pictures of Gwen and Kingston.
I got Thea a sewing machine for Christmas. I might get one for myself and then I can start doing little projects like this too.