Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chef'n... just a little

When I was a little girl, my mom caught me at the kitchen sink biting off chunks of hot dog and spitting them into a dirty popcorn bowl in the sink, to which I had already added cornflakes, milk, water, and other necessary ingredients. Mom gasped, "What are you doing?!?!?" I calmly replied, "I'm chef'n mom." Really, what did she think I was doing?
Dan's back at school and all his classes this week started at 6pm and so we have dinner a bit earlier than usual. I find dinner has snuck up on me every night though. Tonight I was ready and was running around so fast, you'd think I was Rachel Ray - except there were no utterances of "yumm-o" or "de-lish." But I thought I'd share this recipe for Lemon Chicken and Pasta. It's really fast and is pretty darn yummy.
First of all, butter. Any recipe that calls for lots of butter has to be good. I put a tablespoon or a little more) of butter and a tbsp. of olive oil in a pan, melt it, and add my chicken. I just use frozen chicken tenderloins or breasts when make this. Usually 6 tenderloins, or two breasts. As the chicken cooks, pour the juice from half a lemon over the chicken. While this is cooking, put on a pot of water for pasta, I usually make angel hair. When your pretty sure the chicken has cooked through, take it out of the pan and set aside. Add 2 to 3 more tbsp of butter to the pan and de-glaze. Once the butter has melted, I put in about a cup of white wine. If you don't have any wine, you can use chicken broth. Juice the other half of the lemon and add it to your sauce. Cook this sauce for a bit, scraping up any quagulated chicken bits and cooking off any alcohol. Then take another lemon, slice it, and saute' the slices in your sauce. Don't forget to cook your pasta. Put your chicken back in your sauce with the lemons and stuff, just for a minute, then it's ready to be poured over your pasta. It tastes really light and is really pretty quick to make. And yes, I arranged the chicken and lemons on my pasta above just for the photo.
My mom, in later years, asked why I was biting off the hot dogs bits and spitting them into the bowl. I told her I knew I was too young to use the knives, I didn't have a lot of other options.


lisabean said...

Looks "de-lish!"

Vanillabean said...

It just needs some hot dogs.