Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Freedom, Cleanliness Challenged, and Prayer

I have a moment of freedom. Just writing that, I fear I've just jinxed myself and that one of the boys will now wake up.

My Clean Kitchen Challenge is quite 'cleanliness challenged' at this point in time. In fact, most things are in the house. It's funny how you can have days (like I did yesterday) where everything gets done. In fact, it was easy. I cleaned, wasn't overwhelmed, worked on projects, and was generally in a great mood. Today I woke up with dreams of drinking coffee and watching the snow fall by myself before the boys woke. They have sensors I tell you. They just know that mom is up, and she wants time to herself, so they need to get up too. So no early morning knitting for me, and things went downhill from there. It still amazes me (I'm not sure why) at how fast John can destroy a room. I can spend much time fixing and cleaning it, and in under 60 seconds, he can make it messier than when I started. It helps, I guess, that our house is smallish, so a little mess goes a long way. I'm just trying to teach him that he does not need to take every toy in the basket out, or if he wants a book, he doesn't need to take all the books of the shelves. sigh.

We had forgotten to say our morning prayers, so Dan and I said them after lunch, then suddenly, my babies were ready for sleep. Hmmm... I've been seeing how important prayer is in our lives, how our effort to make sure we pray together is impacting our family, and I think we are seeing some of the fruits. When John was sick the other night, he started talking about Jesus and praying. He insisted we get our prayer books and say night prayers with him. I think our more regular schedule of prayer is teaching him about prayer - that we pray throughout our day, we pray in times in need, and we pray in times of grattitude. We still aren't the best at being absolutely regular, but we're really trying, and I'm just glad that the boys are apart of it and seeing it.

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Vanillabean said...

I think that is wonderful that you have a prayer routine. That was one of my resolutions. Still working on it. It is just not routine yet. Some days I remember some I forget. It is our daily bread. You and Dan sound like you are a good team! Your boys are so stinkin' cute!!!! Finn looks a lot like you I think.. well the eyes.