Sunday, January 7, 2007

Good Dates Gone Bad, And Then Good Again

As part of our New Year's resolution, Dan and I wanted to carve out some time to just be together. So last night was our first official "date night" of 2007. Both of us were excited. We'd planned to cook peppercorn steak with a brandy sauce from the French cookbook, drink some Beaujolais (which goes well with steak and I think there are less tannins or sulfates or something, cause it doesn't give me a headache after a glass like most reds do), and then play a little Monopoly. Both boys didn't nap much so we were thinking it would be pretty easy to get them to bed early. Finn was so fussy though that we put him down at 6pm and I think it was a bit too early. When we tried to put John down he started fussing so much that he woke Finn and then they were both up. This added to the funky mood I had been trying to get out of for the past few hours that only a couple of cranky boys can put you in. We made an initial effort to just go on as planned and make the best of our night, but sometimes I have a very hard time pulling myself out of funks and this was one of those times. We ended up having a bit of a fight and no Monopoly for us. We ended up resolving everything though. It's funny, even though it's sometimes good to talk about the things that bother you and resolve misunderstandings, I often end up feeling so bad for fighting. This morning I woke up and wondered how I could ever have been so upset with such an amazing, loving husband? I'm so thankful God gave him to me.
This morning we had a wonderful time together though. We went to liturgy, got coffee, and checked out the Half Price Books (we didn't realize they had them here). Dan got me a really lovely book on interiors and a couple of home magazines.
So even though the night didn't go as planned, I think the outcome - appreciating each other more - was the same. Hopefully next week, however, things will go a bit smoother.

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lisabean said...

I love your date night idea. I proposed this idea to Bobby, he didn't seem to show much excitment and I asked why and he said, "Well you have to ask me out first." :)
I know what you mean about having a hard time trying to get out of "Funks." I'm the same way and then after I have slept, I wonder what's wrong with me.