Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

It's been snowing all day and it might as well have been raining. It's just cold, wet and we are stuck inside. Dan brought up our tv box and so Johnny and I decided to make a little house. It pretty much consumed the rest of our day. We've been coloring pictures for it, and on it, and have been taking naps in it (those are John's legs wrapped up in a blanket below). We've been looking through my crafty stuff for things to make it cooler, so look forward to some pic's tomorrow.
I'm doing real great in the parenting department so far this year. First I give my kids my husbands old socks to play with, now an old box.

The snow just started to get a bit fatter and I think it's finally going to happen, it's going to stick. Hopefully we'll have some sledding tomorrow!!

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