Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kitchen Project

Our kitchen has very little storage and counter space, so we got this little cart when we moved in and it's helped considerably. One problem is that the shelves are open for little boys to get into and I have found that the crock pot has become an excellent place for half eaten cookies, toys, and whatever else John thinks would cook up nicely in there. He's also quite fond of putting things in the toaster. We are forever fishing out goldfish cracker and such, this time (I don't know if you can see in the picture) it happens to be cereal (he poured the rest of the box on the floor while I was putting Finny down, when I came in and my jaw dropped, he quickly stomped as much as he could because he knew he was headed for bed after that).

There's not much I can do, I can't put the stuff anywhere else, so I picked up some material at the thrift store for $2.50. (excellent deal cause I have tons of yards of fabric) So I made some little panels. I know it won't keep them out, but I'm hoping that if it's at least out of sight, they'll be less likely to be tempted to use the cookie sheets for surf boards.

It actually makes the kitchen look a bit cleaner and put together too. Good bonus.


Michelle said...

Very cute! I have one of those "carts". I've been thinking of painting the legs. I love the panel idea too. Maybe I'll do both.

lisabean said...

Very cute. For a flighty girl, you sure get a lot done.

Flighty Girl said...

Thank you. Ummm... I think that I've learned to live with my "flightiness" in such a way that I choose short projects so they actually get finished. I have a closet full of longer projects that are no where near done. I just don't blog on those. Maybe I should.