Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Long Night, Long Day, and finally, Snow

The Morning Music Selection: Counting Crows, Recovering the Satellites

Last night, after a very long day with the boys, we got them to bed fairly early - they were both asleep by 8pm. It was much needed quiet time for Dan and I. We talked and cuddled, Dan watched some football while I worked on some projects. Our cozy little evening came screeching to a halt when we heard some urgent cries from John's room. I ran in to find him throwing up all over himself. The poor baby. He continued to throw up all night, waking Finn and then having a spontaneous little boy party in the middle of the night (for all the throwing up, John was still smiling and happy - I couldn't beleive it). So both Dan and I are a pretty sleep deprived and Dan's first classes of the semester start today. I'm a very lucky girl, I know. With Dan being in school, he can study at home and he had a nice long Christmas break, but I'm still a bit sad that school is starting up again. I love it when Dan is home, and I miss him when he is gone, just even for a little bit. My dream is that he writes books one day from our home office. Anyways...
They've been forcasting snow and it's finally here. Who knows what kind of snow it will be, though, I'm just glad it's snow. Snow always seems kind of like a little baptism for a city. "Cleanse me and I shall be whiter than snow." This city could use a little cleansing.

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Vanillabean said...

what a cute idea! I love sock monkeys. Poor little John. Sounds like he is a tough cookie though.