Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Man, those are some excellent cheeks for "chubbing"

My friend Michelle's daughter loves fat cheeks on babies. So when she sees some deliciously chubby cheeks, she feels the need to "chubb" them. This consists of squishing the cheeks together while saying "chubby, chubby, chubby."


Michelle said...

That's so funny. I couldn't figure out who "flighty girl" was, who was sending referals to my site. Then I got a glance of the use of "chub" as a verb. I thought, who else says that besides my daughter??? It really took me a few minutes to figure out who was writing about my daughter's love of chubbing cheeks. Now I know how to get to your blog.

Those boys are growing up so fast! I hardly recognized them from the last pictures you sent me.

Flighty Girl said...

Really? You're getting links through my site?? I guess I'm under the impression that no one really looks here. I'm glad you found it though.

Irina S. said...

Kelly, the boys look adorable in their matching shirts. I love Finn's chubby cheeks. You really are blessed with two of the most beautiful baby boys.

lisabean said...

Your boys are to cute! They look so grown up in their shirts.

suzgallus said...

Hey! Here you are! I was getting hits from your blog too, and then talked to Michelle today and she told me it was YOUR blog.

Your boys are adorable! I, too, recognized that verb - CHUB!

Looking forward to visiting often.