Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh, if only I could take flight....

I got a new shirt yesterday. It's from Target. I like it a lot. Very Anthropologie-esque. And yes, that is my very messy bed. I like to pretend it looks best that way. Like out of one of Anthro's catalogs or something.

OY! How I am tired of sickness in this house!!!! John was up much of the night last night. I think the poor guy has got a sore throat, but he definitely doesn't suffer in silence. My mom's coming in tonight and I've been trying to get some things in order. I have a little mental list of projects I want to work on while she's here. And because it is a mental list, this means I will forget everything that I have thought of and not do anything at all. I just wish we could take a little vacation, somewhere warm, somewhere we could dry out from all these icky germs. Like Florida??? Hee, hee. Being in warm sunshine does sound nice, but not Florida. Tooooooooo dangerous. Anyone who says otherwise is lying ;)
Ok, I'm gonna go make my bed. I can't play Anthropologie all day I guess.

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