Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oui, c'est ma petite bourse

I made another little bag, just like the first but black with a little variation on the embellishment. I'm thinking of trying this, or maybe something like this on Just to see, you know? It makes me think of a little French maid. I lined this one with plain white vintage linen and the lace is just cotton from the craft store. The button, of course, vintage, was stolen from Grandma, and I think it totally makes the purse.

I have to start on a new project today making a little curtain for some little shelves in my kitchen. John and Finn keep getting into the appliances on the shelves, so I am hoping that if the stuff is out of sight, maybe, just maybe, it will be out of mind. I got a ton of fabric from the thrift store this morning. White with little blue flowers. Just my style for a kitchen project.


lisabean said...

Kelly your on a roll! These little knit purses are so cute. I think you could definatly sell them.

Irina S. said...

Love it. I wish I could see the black fabric better. The pic is a little dark. Let us know if you were able to sell them.
I'm not very good at French but I think "bourse" is feminine and "etre" means "to be" so I think it would be "Oui, c'est ma petite bourse". I might be wrong though.

Flighty Girl said...

Irina, your French would be a million times better than mine as I don't speak French at all. I speak "English-to-French-computer-translator", so I think I'll change it. Thanks! :)