Friday, January 5, 2007

Roses are red, Violets are blue...

I used to write lots of poetry. I still manage to write every now and then, but not like I used to. Back then, it was almost daily. Susan Wise Bauer, in the book, The Well-Educated Mind, said that, "All poems are about God, love, or depression." (Thank you Irina for recommending this book.) I'm not completely sure I agree, but I thought I would share one of my favorite "love" poems by Wendy Cope.


My love got in the car
And sat on my banana,
My unobserved banana,
And my organic crisps.

We spoke of life and love,
His rump on my banana,
My hidden, soft banana
And my forgotten crisps.

He kissed me more than once
As he sat on that banana,
That newly-squashed banana
And those endangered crisps.

We looked up at the starts -
Beneath him, my banana,
My saved-from-lunch banana
And my delicious crisps.

At last I dropped him off
And noticed the banana -
Alas, a ruined banana
And sadly damaged crisps.

You'd think he would have felt
A fairly large banana
And, if not the banana,
The lumpy bag of crisps.

He waved goodbye and smiled,
Benign as a banana.
'I love you, daft banana,'
Said I, and ate the crisps.

Ahhh... Anyways, part of the reason I don't write so much anymore is simply because my hands seem to be so very full whenever I think of it - babies and laundry and such. So I purchased this little notebook that I'm keeping in my bag, so it's always near when inspiration hits. Maybe I'll post tid-bits later. Maybe.
Thanks for the compliments on my little purse. Erin, I got the materials here and there. The yarn and magnets from Michael's, the linen was actually brought here from England by my aunt in the 70's, and the button I stole from Grandma's house (but I don't think she cares).

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lisabean said...

Kelly I have the same notebook, except it's brown and blue. I had planned to use it as food journal. I made only 3 entries:(