Friday, January 19, 2007

"Sweet dreams are made of these"

I 've been having strange dreams lately. The last two I can remember were these:

I was going to a friends wedding. She was having multiple weddings so all her friends and family could see her married (Kind of like Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, though hopefully the girl's marriage lasts). I was in the wedding, but the wedding party forgot me. The second wedding was at farm and I had to walk around this barn in the dark looking for everybody. There was horse crap everywhere and I was knee deep in it trying to find the people.

My other dream was in Issaquah. I was trying to get down to the stores and I decided to take both the boys with me, but instead of taking the car, I thought I would ride a bicycle. Yes, two boys and me on a bike. The bike was also very tall. I could barely touch the pedals. So teetering along we went and I kept thinking, "Was this the best way to do this?"

Hmmmm....... maybe I should lay off the chocolate before bedtime.

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