Wednesday, January 10, 2007

These are a few of my Favorite Things

ummmm... somtimes there are just little things in my day that just make me smile, like...
~The fact that Dan and I have corresponding coffee cups. Each morning, we don't just take any old mug out of the cupboard, we have mugs in two's, some that are the same, others that just match each other. And that's how we drink our coffee.
~Sock monkeys, but who doesn't like a sock monkey.
~Finn's dance move. When he hears music, he shakes his head back and forth to the music.
~John's bellybutton hello. You know the Seinfeld episode where they had a voice for Jerry's girlfriend's bellybutton, that's the 'hello' John does, and he busts out with that one pretty randomly.
~Blue and white dishes. I don't know, they're just pretty.
~Good poems. Not the very abstract kind.
~Dan being home during the day and popping out of his study for a cozy little break.
~Fried Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches. It's even fun to say.
What are some of your favorite things??


Irina S. said...

seafood, strawberry ice cream, crepes with nutella and bananas (kind of like you favorite fried sandwich), cute baby clothes, European girls' clothes bought second hand, browsing through bookstores either online or Barnes and Nobles while sipping Starbucks coffe (tall white chocolate mocha), my twice a day tall glasses (not mugs only glasses) of hot milk with french vanilla coffee from Costco, celebrity gossip and lives of the saints, watching movies with Dominic or Thea after the kids are in bed, taking the kids to the library and puppet-theatre, choosing books for Teddy to read, going to the mall and trying on hats that I would never wear in public...these are a few of my favorite things

Flighty Girl said...

How cute are you??? I love your favorite things Irina :)

lisabean said...

Rain drops on Roses, whiskers on kittens......Americanos with cream, quiet mornings with sleeping babies still in bed, Silly Baby laughs and the word "mama" in a small baby voice.Hugs from Parker, kisses from my Husband, good laughs that make you cry, good romantic chick flicks movies, chocalate, nice dinners, red wine and good cheese,good deals on cute baby girl clothes, roaming around book stores sipping coffee, sewing, Target, beautiful sunny days and snowy days:) Reading a good book and reading to Parker. Snuggles. These are just a few of my favorite things.

Flighty Girl said...

Lisa, I love your list too! Target!! I should have put that on my list too.