Friday, January 26, 2007


It's cold here! Right now it's 20 degrees out and I guess earlier today the supposed 'real feel' with the wind chill was 6 degrees. The weather isn't the only thing that has a cold. Poor Finney is not well at all. It makes me feel so awful for him. Please pray that he get better soon. First it was just the runny nose and gunk, then a yucky cough, then he threw up three times this evening and had a slight fever. Katie will come tomorrow morning for a little visit so I will have a resident nurse for the weekend while I wait for his appointment on Monday. I'm sure there's not much to do but wait it out anyways, but going to the doctors always makes me feel like I'm doing something to help speed recovery along.

With the Christmas decorations down, the snow falling outside, and the babies in bed, I decided I needed a little cheeriness, so I set about making some flowers. (I'm no good at growing them) I had been experimenting with bits of yarn and crocheting and made those into some silly little flowers and then I used some ribbon and made some little roses. I actually made roses just like these for my wedding bouquet amidst the fresh and dried flowers. I think it makes a cute little posy on the table.

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