Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday and Lenten Food

Well, you can hardly see his ashes now, but there's a little smudge of them still there while he eats a tuna sandwhich for lunch.
We went to mass for Ash Wednesday this morning at Sacred Heart. I really love this church. It's so beautiful. Today is a strict day of fast for the Roman rite, which means no snacking, no meat, and you can eat two small meals and one large meal. It's been a tendency of mine to get lost in the details of Lent. What can I eat, what can I not eat, what am I giving up? Etc. Those are the things I tend to get caught up focusing on. I'm trying to make things a bit simpler this year by not doing anything heroic, but keeping it simple and making a plan. I've made a meal plan and am going to simply repeat it each week for all of Lent. Each night I've planned simple meals that won't cost much and are easy to prepare (lots of beans and tuna). I think having our meals planned out will help keep me from focusing on the details - cause they'll already be planned. :)


Kayleen Olsen said...

Hey Kelly, when you say you have a plan for simple meals that you will carry out each week of Lent, does that mean each Friday or each day?

Flighty Girl said...

Dan and I decided that we would abstain from meat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through Lent. On the other days we will eat simply (non-expensive meals and things we already have in the freezer). So my dinner menu is: Monday - Tuna Pasta, Tuesday -Chicken Ceasar Salad, Wednesday - Lemon & White Bean Pasta, Thursday - Pizzaiola Pork, Friday - Three Bean Soup, Saturday - Flank Steak (date nite, yet simple meal), Sunday - Lemon Chicken & Pasta. We normally have a lot of variety in our meals, rarely repeating a recipe more than twice a month. So picking a menu and sticking to it cuts down my time planning menus and each of these meals are really fast to cook and cheap to buy.