Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baby Games

Sometimes my day feels like I'm just trying so hard to get or keep my house clean, that by the time my day is done, I feel like I haven't even played with the boys very much at all.

We had brunch this morning with a family that has kids the same ages as the boys. The husband is in several of Dan's classes this semester at school. They are a very sweet family and John really enjoyed playing with another person his size. At one point, though, he asked where Christopher was (Christopher was his little buddy in Seattle). It made me sad for the little guy, and pretty amazed that he remembered at the same time.

Our afternoon was petty mellow. John gets into trouble if he doesn't have a little activity (sounds like his mother), so we spent over an hour just pouring water from various container using the open dishwasher as a table. Who needs to buy a water table?

Sometimes it's been a bit hard to play something with both boys. John likes to color, Finn likes to eat crayons. So Finn and I sat with John and sang songs with hand motions while I asked John to sing along and draw pictures of the songs (like itsy, bitsy spiders and patty cakes).

So all in all, it was a nice day with the boys. I just have to keep John from trying to hold Finn.

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