Friday, February 23, 2007

Christmas in February

The weather warmed up for about five minutes and now it's back to snow. We got a couple more inches last night and it's still snowing this morning. I'm supposed to take the boys to this open gym with some friends from story-time, but I just don't know if I am brave enough to drive on the roads. All that Christmas snow I wished for is finally dumping on us now.

My mom came in last night. I was very glad that she was able to be here while Dan was gone. I'm being quite a baby about him being out of town. Missing him and such. It's so much easier to function just knowing there's another person here to help. She also came bearing gifts, which is always appreciated. Being that Finn's first word other than Dada and Mama was Elmo, we thought that the new "Tickle-Me-Elmo" might tickle Finn's fancy. Well, he's fine with it as long as we don't actually tickle Elmo. Apparently Elmo talking to him and laughing and falling over is a bit too much for him right now. John got a Mr. Potato Head with way more parts then I ever remember there being when I was a kid. He loves it.

And this is a print my dad had and thought I would like. I love it. It's the Pergola in Pioneer Square in Seattle. It fits perfectly on a blank wall in our dining room.
Finally, my mom and I picked up the beautiful tulips (in the top photo) from Costco. More Spring cheer for our home. It was such a great deal. $10 for the great big jar and 14 tulip bulbs. Once the flowers are done, I can keep the bulbs and force them again next year.
I think we're going to go ahead try driving in the snow. Oh dear.

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lisabean said...

That painting is beautiful and perfect for you. A little bit of home.