Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting Old

Yesterday was beautiful. It warmed up to a whopping 30 degrees so I bundled up the kids and hit the road. We haven't had any time outdoors, so we all needed a bit of fresh air. I walked to the post office and then to the cafe where we had soup and saw a little friend from story time. Then we made a quick trip to the grocery store and then finally a little stint at the park. It all went pretty well with very little fussing on Finn's part and only a couple attempts to escape by John. It was about a 2.5 mile walk for me, so I felt good about finally getting some exercise. But today, I'm paying. I think it was one of the mad dashes to catch John as he wove through people on the sidewalk thinking we were playing a game that did it, but my hip is totally out of wack. I can barely walk. Dad was right, he may be a little better than twice my age, but I'm catching up.

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