Thursday, February 1, 2007

Groundhog's Day

Dan's going with his friend to Gobbler's Knob (just like in the movie) to see Phil, and possibly, his shadow.
Today has been quite rough. The boys are still sick (and cranky and clingy) and now I've got it. It's been one of those days where the rooms get dirty the moment you clean them. The dishwasher broke and I have no idea when the landlord will replace it. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe. Urrggg. I'm in one of those moods where everything seems dismal. My mom's watching the new version of Pride and Predjudice and it's very bad. I think it's just making my mood worse. I had dreams of finishing projects this evening but my head feels so heavy. I think I'll have some tea and maybe start cutting out a pattern. Maybe. Maybe I'll go say some prayers and see if my mood improves. Maybe I'll see my shadow.

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Vanillabean said...

Oh, I know that feeling when something breaks. Our power went out yesterday, for an hour.. and it was cold. The worst was when our toliet was broken. I'm sorry your household is sick. We had that a few weeks ago. I'll say some prayers tonight for your family. I agree about the new pride and prejudice.. awful. It's better if you don't see it.