Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Ok, I had such a clever idea. I thought, John and I will color this big birthday card together (just in case you can't tell, John's additions include balloons and a birthday cake with candles). Then I will take a picture of the boys holding it for you dad. After much frustration, the only way to get them to sit still was to turn on Curious George and stick the sign on them. Stinkers. Anyways.....


In true Corrigan-Child fashion, your gift will not be arriving today. Pat reminded us all that he and Mike stole your BBQ, leaving you without, so we pitched in and got this one for you:

It's the Super-Pro Char-Griller (you can click on the picture for the link). We got a rotisserie with it too. It's still a charcoal grill, but with the additional space and rotisserie you wanted.

We hope your day is a great one. May God grant you many happy years!! Love you!!


Irina S. said...

His Birthday is so close to Valentine's Day. Are you having 2 different celebrations?
Happy Birthday, Dan!

Irina S. said...

Ooops, or was it your dad's birthday?

Flighty Girl said...

It was my dad's Birthday. Dan's is after mine.

lisabean said...

Happy Birthday Uncle John!