Wednesday, February 7, 2007

How could something sew right, go sew wrong??

Well, I bought a pattern for a little boys
pants and shirt for only 50 cents and thought I would try making Finn a little outfit. Two piece outfits seem so much easier to put on him, but I haven't been finding anything I like lately and he's growing so fast. I have bought a few reversable outfits from Baby Gap and really loved them, so I thought I would make one and found some really comfy cotton at 70% off. I cut the patterns and made the pants. The looked a little huge when I cut them, but thought after I sewed it, it would fit fine. I was, after all, following the sizing guide on the pattern. Well, the pants did turn out huge, but the shirt not so much. The pants fit John and the shirt is so small, it's too small for Finn. (Here's John very reluctantly modeling the pants. This is the only pic I could get on him, he had them off right away. The poor guy's skin is really dry from the cold, and no matter how much we put lotion on, it's still dry, so he insists on being naked all the time.) I don't understand how the sizes could be so off in the same pattern. Maybe that's why it was only 50 cents. So John has another pair of pants he doesn't need and Finn will be able to fit them in the summer when he doesn't need them and the shirt will probably be cut up for scraps.

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lisabean said...

They still look very cute. Better to big then to small.