Saturday, February 17, 2007

I love Target

Dan's brother Matt is visiting and they are at a basketball game this afternoon, but before they left, we made a quick trip to Target. We love our French press coffee, but realized it costs much more to use (more coffee grounds for fewer cups of coffee), so we decided it was time to get a new automatic coffee pot. Luckily, there was a sale and we got this one for only $18. Nothing fancy, but it does the job. They have all the Valentine's stuff on clearance, 75% off! So I got a couple bags of Dove chocolates for a $1 a piece. I'm just going to keep them in the freezer, and hopefully, have a little treat every once in a while. Hopefully. Then I found this little red pitcher. Normally I choose blues and whites for my kitchen ware, but I really thought this was so cute and it was only $2.50. Last night it would have come in very handy at our little dinner party. At least now I'll be prepared in the future. I just love Targt.

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