Monday, February 5, 2007

Lovin the Ebay

Hey Erin,
I'm glad you are giving eBay another try. I think it's an awesome way for stay-at-home mom's to generate some extra cash.
Since you are on the newer side to eBay, it might be a good idea to fill out an 'About Me' page. I posted a picture and put a link to my blog on mine (you can check it out in my side bar). I think this helps with credibility, especially when you are new to selling on eBay. I know that I feel hesitant to bid when the seller has no prior feedback, so checking out their 'About Me' page and seeing that they were a nice mommy with a cute blog would make me feel quite comfy about bidding.
As far as tips for your particular auction, I would look up items that are similar to yours that have sold model your auction after ones that have done well. You want your item to be very searchable, so that you get as many hits as possible. I would add to your auction title, "NWT" and "Art" as well as clarifying in your description that it is brand new and never used, so it's not in "great" condition, but "perfect" condition.
I really think the key to selling well is research. Research what sells and how to sell it and you can have some really great auctions.
Happy eBaying!

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