Monday, February 19, 2007

Mr. Rogers, A Mini Cooper, and Water Fun

This is Johnny and his Uncle Matt having fun at the Children's Museum. John had a blast there today and I would have to guess that Dan and Matt had a good time too. The museum is really cool, they have a Mr. Roger's room with loads of the stuff from the show (Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh). They also had the 'Garage' which has a real Mini Cooper that the kids can get inside and play with. John's favorite was the Water Room which had these pipes where you could make your own sprinkler and pools you can float bots in. John's pants got soaked, but I didn't care, he was having so much fun. It's really a perfect place to play when the weather is so cold.
Afterwords we drove through Crafton to get a feel for it as a potential town to live in. Here's my latest desire. And this baby's got a yard. It's a nice town, and so convenient to everything. So, just a few more weeks and we'll know where we can really start house shopping.

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