Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Things

I live with three boys. I don't mind this. I actually rather like having boys. I think it suites me. But, I am a girl, and I like to have some girly things. Like a posy of little ribbon roses on my dining table. John, in a fit of naughtiness, crumpled and wadded up my flowers and stuffed them in the jar and strew them on the floor. It seems like that's always the way of it with my things. It's my 'girly' things that get ruined, my beautiful translucent green votive holders that get broken, and my pretty little blue glass dessert plates that get shattered. I know some would think that since I have kids (and plan to have more, eventually), I have to give up the idea of keeping pretty things in my home. I should forgo linen tablecloths and napkins, cause they'll just get dirty and who needs the extra laundry. But I like pretty things, and think that these boys might even benefit from my attempts to 'prettify' our home. So I guess I'm off to fix my flowers.

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