Friday, February 16, 2007

A New Place to Lurk

I found this blog through Meredith, but it turns out after reading for a bit, Regina knows my brother Ryan and several people I went to college with. Small world. Her blog is focused on beauty in the home, but one of her posts today has a bit of practical help as well, talking about focal points in a room and by keeping the focal points clean you can keep the room looking pretty clean. It's so true. You ever walk into someone's house and while everything isn't immaculately clean, it still feels clean? I always wonder why other people can have a little bit of clutter out without feeling like their house is a mess. I think it's because their "focal points" are still tidy. When you walk into my house, the first thing you see is our dining table and icon corner. The table and the church pew in our icon corner are clutter magnets though, so whil I can have the floor completely clean, the house will totally look messy if there is junk on the table or pew. So I'm inspired to try to keep my focal points tidy, even if the boys are running havoc on the rest of the house. Hopefully it will help make a difference.

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