Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Revolving Door Goes Round and Round, and then we thrift

Well Katie took off this afternoon and we will have two days guest-less and then Mary comes and Dan will have Spring break (which I somehow completely forgot about - how does a girl like me forget that Daniel will be around for a whole week?!?? I have a serious crush on him). I really enjoy having people here. Especially at times like now, when I'm home alone with the boys and I'm still so sick and a certain baby, whose name begins with the same letter that starts 'fat' and 'fussy', has been so darn cranky. The poor guy though, I think he's getting the cold we all had and teething at the same time.
Before Katie left, however, I made her come with me to my favorite thrift store. (Katie, poor Katie, has a certain aversion to thrift stores of late which I think she will certainly have to get over.) I got several very cool things. What looks like a mish-mash of fabric scraps above is certainly that. I think it's called a "Crazy Quilt", but I spied the cute fabrics through the racks of junk and snatched it up. I was afraid Dan would think it was too girly, so I prayed about it and felt God liked it too, so how could Dan argue with that? I just love the vintage prints.
In another pile of stuff I found some pre-stamped pillow cases. I've been interested embroidery forever, and then read some about it on this blog recently, so it's sure to become the new crafty-bloggin-rage. And I'll be in the thick of it.
And finally, I found a little lamp for John's room. Nothing fancy, but a much better price that the lamp I looked at at Pottery Barn Kids yesterday. Over $70, on sale, for a kids lamp! Oy!
Katie didn't get anything. But I don't think she intended to either.
I'm going to go cook some ravioli now. I was going to have my Lemon and White Bean pasta tonight, but of course I forgot to pick up lemons when I went to the store - to pick up lemons.

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lisabean said...

I love it! You went to store to pick up lemons and forgot the lemons.
I usually forget my list, that I make right before I go to the store.