Monday, February 26, 2007

We went with my mom and Katie to the Children's Museum. The boys had fun and Finn was actually interested in playing in the water a little bit (which is an improvement for him - he generally cries if I try to wash his hands and he's completely hysterical over baths). Katie got a new camera and now I have camera envy. This is one of her shots of John. I love it.


Ry said...

John's in black & white except for his yellow jacket. Did you photoshop it that way, or is that how you take picture with Kate's camera?

He reminds me of the little girl in the red jacket from Schindler's List.

Flighty Girl said...

Katie's camera took the picture this way. I think Dan said the same thing about Schindler's List. I can't remember the movie though. I think it looks pretty cool.