Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boycotts are Fun

Boycotting Giant Eagle has made grocery shopping a pleasure once more. This morning we went down to the Strip District to have some breakfast and visit the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company. We used to go to the farmer's market in the Strip when the weather was warmer, but haven't been for quite a while. Shopping down there is so much more interesting and fun. We loaded up on pasta and got their "Pour your own olive oil", which tastes so good. (Plus, it comes in these very cute green bottles I've been saving. Perfect for flowers.) It's also a whole lot cheaper. I do have to drive across town to get there, but the food prices and quality are so much better, I don't know why I let the mere convenience (it's a few blocks away) sway me for so long.

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lisabean said...

Looks like this boycotting, is a good idea, you get to see more of your new city.