Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hoops & Needles, Linens & Thread

I started embroidering my pillow cases. I thought that using different colors would end up looking gaudy, so I am just using a taupe color that matches our bedding well. After starting this though, I realize this is going to take me forever. And who knows if I'm actually doing it right. It feels kind of like coloring, but with thread. When I was a young girl, I always liked the idea of having bits of embroidery to work on, like something out of a Victorian novel. I used to envision myself as a little wifey sitting with my good little children playing nicely at my feet while I embroidered pretty bits of linen. It's not exactly like I envisioned , but that's ok.

1 comment:

lisabean said...

You should finish it. It's beautiful and this thrift store you have found seems to be and the end of the rainbow as far as thrift store goes. You always seem to find little treasures their.