Thursday, March 8, 2007

The King of Cling and Thrifty Finds

Finn was ever so fussy today. It was also my first full day on my own in quite a long time. No visitors, Dan was at school all day, and I was here and about town in the Burgh with the boys. I'm totally wiped! An early bedtime for me.

We did go to my favorite thrift store, the Red, White and Blue and got some good finds. We have needed another high-chair/booster thingy and just when I was about to go to Target to buy one, I found the kind I was looking for at the thrift store. A little divine providence. I also am always on the lookout for aprons. I've seen on so many blogs people finding such lovely vintage aprons, and being such a serious apron lover myself, I admit to being just a bit jealous over their finds. I can never seem to find any cute ones. That is until today. I found two lovely violet gingham aprons. Both hand embroidered and one with smocking. They are so cute! There is something about a cute little vintage apron, it just makes you feel like you are playing house, so cooking dinner and cleaning messes feel like a game and not so very much trouble at all.

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lisabean said...

Very cute. We should someday own a coffee shop of very cute things. You collect the cute merchandise. I'll make the coffee, Erin will do art that hangs on the walls and Katie will pass out flu shots, and check blood pressure. I'll be on the look out for a cute place.