Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Latest Finds

My mom is in town and we ventured out this morning to a new thrift store and to check out a new neighborhood, Sewickley. I think we finally found our neighborhood. It is so cute there!! It looks like something out of a movie. We parked and walked around the main street and it had such a cozy feel to it. It feels very 'us'. This house was a cute one for sale in the neighborhood.

The thrift store was full of finds as well. I got some summer clothes for the boys, loads of board books that we read all afternoon, and this little table and chair for John. I've been looking for something for him like this for a while, and it was only $8. I think I'll strip it and repaint though.

All very exciting, but we're still waiting for the final, final word. So when we finally do, hopefully we'll be househunting for reals soon.

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