Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Naughty, Naughty Boys

I had planned doing some deeper cleaning today. Organizing those spots that just end up collecting more and more clutter. I even took before pictures so I could post before and after shots (Dan laughed at me for that, but hey, whatever gets you motivated). So these were some pretty great plans I had until some very naughty boys disrupted them. The house never looked presentable today until the boys were finally in bed. I cleaned John's room and I kid you not, 10 minutes after it was clean it looked messier than when I started. You'd think I gave him crack for dinner (his dinner, by the way, consisted of a couple of bites of rice - Finn's eating more than John these days. I don't know how he's not wasting away). The final straw was when he's been put to bed and threw a fit because he got regular milk instead of chocolate milk. He proceeded to spilt milk in his bed, down his shirt, and on his pillow. Then he started ripping pages out of his story book. He had some alone time with the door shut. (He's scared of the dark, I've probably scarred him for life, I know, but that was sooooo naughty! He needed to know how wrong that was.) So when I cooled down I went in again and told him how naughty that was and then he says, "Pray?" Still a bit miffed, I agree. I started praying aloud with my eyes closed and my hands folded and in the midst of our prayer, I happen to open my eyes for a moment and look down, and there is John, so peacefully holding his folded hands up in prayer. It made me think of this post. (By the way, I really love this woman's blog.) How can he be so sweet and so naughty???


Bridget said...

Hey, Smelly! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I know it times 2! I love your blog, it's great! I have a link to it on my blog. Check it out! My latest post is about stress. I think you'll like it! Click on my name to check it out!

Floaty said...

Look to small boy, you bigger, he so small. Small child to make self seem large when so bad, maybe frighten the mamas. Try see from outside. So small, but big ruckus, actually you to laugh inside, then give to calm punish, and guide.

Be strong, mamas.

Scruffy McGee said...

Har! i asks meself the same questions 'bout me ol' gaffer sumptimes! How can gaffer be like an angel of the lord at one time and a demon of the whiskey so soon after?

This be the mystery of our days. He don't drink milk a'tall, gaffer. Maybe that be the problem.