Saturday, March 31, 2007

One down, one to go

I finished embroidering one of the pillow cases and have begun to work on the second one. I think it's turned out rather pretty and the color I chose gives it a real vintage look (even though it already it vintage). I referenced some embroidery stitches here to make sure I was doing this alright. $1.50 for 2 sets of linen pillow cases is pretty good by itself, but this project has turned out to be quite fun with a pretty result, so it's the deal is even better.

I totally jinxed myself. I was talking with Lisa on Thursday about how good the boys have been over the past few days and how I thought they were finally growing out of this latest naughty stage. And then there was Friday. Finn was up for over two hours in the night John woke several times but went back to sleep. They were so sleep deprived and cranky on Friday we just had back to back melt downs all day, hardly napping, just fighting sleep. At the end of the day when the boys finally went to bed, I had no energy to tidy or work on projects, so Dan and I got cozy and watched a movie.

Today was better. We started out by hitting a rummage sale, my first of the season. It was ok. I found some very nice upholstery fabric for only 50 cents. I've realized that thrift stores and rummage sales and such are some of the greatest places to get fabric. You just can't beat the prices, and all those grannies who are finally clearing out their stash are donating patterns that have come back in fashion. We looked at some neighborhoods and scoped out when a few open houses would be, picked up a birthday gift for a certain someone, and then spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. So I think I've learned my lesson. If the boys are good, I'm not telling anyone.

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lisabean said...

Oh so pretty, you inspire me to be crafty and to go to thrift stores to find deals. They will be something you treasure.