Monday, March 5, 2007

Shop Girl

Dan and I had our date night on Saturday with our friends Matt & Sarah. But as I got ready, I realized how slim my wardrobe has become. Somehow, after having babies for the last few years, I seem to have only two dresses, two skirts, one pair of dress pants and a small handful of shirts and a couple jeans. None of which were appropriate for the restaurant we had reservations for or the snowy weather outside. I ended up wearing a nice sweater with jeans and black boots and was a bit under-dressed for our party, but oh well. So today Dan took me shopping and we got a few things. I don't exactly know how this happened, but I have become a person who does not like clothes shopping. It comes as a shock to me because shopping for clothes was my favorite past time. I used to shop for clothes like it was my job. Now it just feels time consuming and difficult. Funny how things change.

What I do enjoy shopping for, however, is things for my home. While we were out, T.J. Maxx was one of the store we stopped in at, and I somehow found myself in the housewares department and spotted these super cute mugs. I thought they looked very similar to the Polish potttery Suzanne had posted about. It's not the same kind of pottery, but it's still cute and Polish and best of all, cheap.


Suzanne said...

Ooooohhhh, those are cute! good find!

Floaty said...

Oh ho!

Two cups, can see to blue, nice find!

Not so cute, maybe strong. Can see big hand, tough hand, drink big tea, maybe strong cofee. Cups not for small hand.