Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The 'Wanna-be' Gardener

I would like to be a gardener. I quite enjoy the idea of having loads of flowers about, fresh herbs and veggies for suppers, and the satisfaction of growing something myself and not purchasing it from a store. But a gardener, I'm afraid, I will never be. I did pick up some cute little pansies at the hardware store this morning along with some paint and stain for the recent furniture purchases. I went ahead and planted them in the planters we have in the archways of our front porch.
They look so pretty and cheerful. After I was done, I let John have a chance at the spade and sent him to work digging up weeds in the real dirt. He didn't actually dig too many weeds, but he got plenty dirty. I tried to show him how to get the weeds out and came across so many worms, I ended up forgetting about it. I was just too grossed out. I really can't handle bugs and worms and such. And that is the reason why I will never be a real gardener.

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lisabean said...

I to love the idea of being a gardener.One of my favorite movies as a girl was the Secret Garden. Having a beautiful escape outdoors would be ideal. Even the thought of digging in the earth and planting a seed seems almost spiritual. But I can't even keep an indoor cactus alive.
So I married a man who likes to garden. Where I slack he makes up for it. He is the only reason why are indoor plants are still alive. No green thumb here.