Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Update

This is our brunch from this morning. Today is the Feast of the Annunciation (the Roman rite has moved it to Monday this year, but the Eastern celebrates it today). There is a French tradition to have waffles on this feast. Mary didn't waffle, but sometimes we do when God calls us to His will. So this morning, waffle we did.
(Looking at this picture I realize how patriotic my table looks. Funny how things just turned out so very red, white, and blue. )

We went to the opera last night for our date night and saw The Magic Flute (if you click on the picture it will link to the site and you can here selections from teh opera). Dan and I have never been to a real opera before (I had been to a "lite" opera, which has as much dialog as music) but had wanted to try it out for some time. We discovered we're not really opera people. We have opera cd's which we enjoy, but they are more of a 'best of opera music' type set. When it gets down to watching it, the story lines to some of these opera's are just silly. Plus, they're singing all the time. Ok, everyone knows that, but three hours was just too much for us. I loved some of the arias and getting dressed up though, and just being out with grown-ups is a treat all by itself.

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