Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Button Therapy

On Tuesday mornings, I drop Daniel at school and head over to the thrift store for a quick fix and then take the boys to story time. Today when I got to the thrift store, I realized that I didn't have my wallet. There's nothing like getting to the thrift store, hopes high for deals and treasures, just to have them crushed knowing that you can't get your wallet and get to the library in time. Then, to make matters worse, it was the really awful story lady. Salt in an open wound.
I never shared my super deals from last week, so since I didn't get any today, I guess I'll share them now.
I got this very cute little Tiffany-style lamp for just a few bucks and these chintz English tin containers for 45 cents a piece. I love them.

I'm spending the rest of the evening sorting my buttons. I have to choose 12 for my swap and am having a hard time. I'm very attached, I realize. Going through them is giving me knew ideas for things to do with them though and very relaxing too. And though it doesn't make up for a missed thrifting opportunity, it's very comforting.


lisabean said...

You have seriously found a one of a kind thrift store. You inspired me the other day to go thrift shopping and I went to one store that looked very cute from the outside, but in it was a bunch of tappered jeans and old raggadey stuffed animals and books. I will check out another one on Thursday. I love the lamp.

Vanillabean said...

I love that lamp too. The goodwills here I feel are expensive and would have put at least a $20 price tag on that lamp. Also I have a tin just like that. I got it at a garage sale when I was a little girl. I still have it. Crazy! The Red White and Blue sounds like a nice place.

Flighty Girl said...

Yeah, it is a pretty awesome thrift store. You can go week after week and never see the same stuff. I think I really get the best deals at rummage sales and garage sales though. That's where I've found my best fabrics and deals. The season is starting, you guys should check out your craigslist listings for garage sales and go together.

Kayleen Olsen said...

I really like those tins too! They remind me of my great-grandmother who wasn't English (she was German) but they look like her style anyway. Also, I wanted to tell you that my mom used to go thrift store shopping for toys because we used to have a daycare at our house, and it used to be so embarassing to me. But one day I grew up and realized I was ok with it, and occasionally like to go myself :D