Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Childhood Survey

So Lisa has a childhood survey that I'm supposed to fill out, so here it is:

1. Most embarrassing moment (he heee):
Oy vey. I don't know if I can name a moment - maybe most embarrassing year. One thing that I'm still embarrassed about is when I was in first grade. There was this nun, Sister Chris, that I totally loved who often had recess and lunch duty. She was always so happy and so nice (such a difference from my teacher, Sister Maggie, who would tape children to their chairs if they got out of them too much, or tape children's mouths shut if they spoke out of turn). Anyways, when I would see Sister Chris, I would run, jump, and give her a total clinging bear hug (think koala on bamboo kind of hug), and really not let go until gravity took over and I slowly slid down her leg. Apparently there were some parent teacher conferences and Sister Chris asked my mom not to let me hug her anymore because my hugs made her feel uncomfortable. My mom, of course, shared this with Dan. He now gets in serious trouble if he ever mentions it.
2. Did you ever steal anything?
Yes indeedy, see here.
3. The biggest lie you told to your parents, and you got caught:
And got caught?? See, there's a good catch. I have a few still lingering ;)
One time in 6th grade when I was supposed to be at gymnastics after school, my girlfriend Brooke and I decided to skip and go up to the grocery store and hang out. Remember 'slap bracelets'? We got one of those each. I thought we were so freakin cool. But when we got back to school, my name was being called over the intercom. I rushed to the office and there was my mom, who proceeded to chew me out (understandably).
4. A lie you told your friends?
Ok, I was totally a pathological liar as a kid. One time I was playing with some kids at the playground, and I have no idea why, but I told them my dad grew up without a name and when he got married and had kids, we all got to name him. Super weird. I know.
5. Who did you have a crush on and why?
I was never very good at having crushes on movie stars or singers. There was a boy named Mickey in the fourth grade that I had a crush on. He had tons of freckles. Oh wait, this is a good one. Did you ever watch the New Mickey Mouse Club? It was when they first re-did it. Before Britney, Christina, and Justin. They had a red-haired boy named Chase. I totally had a crush on him. Thank goodness I developed better taste.
6. Who did you look up to the most?
I can't remember when I was real little having someone in particular that I looked up to. When I was in middle/high school, I really admired our priest, Fr. Naumas and Mrs. Brock (she became my confirmation sponsor).
7. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A nun - that was until I realized that nuns couldn't have kids. My family always laughed at the idea of me being a nun; they said I would be called Sister Merry Kelly. Then I wanted to be a ventriloquist. Oh, and don't forget professional roller skater (this was way before in-line skates baby).
8. Favorite food (s):
I loved spaghetti and meatballs, beef stew, and baby meat sticks. And.....I can still say these are still a few of my favorite things.
9. The thing you were most afraid of:
Kidnappers, ghosts, and the devil.
10. Favorite movie:
Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables, and this horrible Disney movie, A Friendship in Vienna (it so totally wanted to be Anne of Green Gables, but it totally wasn't; I was just too young to know better).
11. Favorite video game:
12. Favorite computer game;
Keeping up with the Jones'
13. Best friends:
Kristen when I was little - but my dear cuz has been my longest, most loyal, best bud.
14. Favorite outfit:
I had this poncho - this amazing poncho - that was red and white with a little fringe. It could be anything. A strapless dress, a skirt, a poncho..... the list was endless.
15. How many children did you want to have?
16. Favorite band:
Umm... I too liked the New Kids. That was until I wore the New Kids tee I got for Christmas to school. The moment I got on the bus, I realized this was not a good idea. I never wore the t-shirt again, nor told of my New Kids love.
17. Favorite T.V. shows:
Cosby Show, Family Ties, A-Team, Knight Rider, Different Strokes
18. Did you have an imaginary friend?
No. I tried, but soon got bored.
19. Favorite toys:
I really liked the idea of having a favorite toy, but didn't really have one. So in 4th grade, I got a stuffed bear for my birthday, named him Boo-Boo, and dubbed him my favorite.
20. Who did people tell you, you look like the most?
My Grandma Helen. I was also told she and I had similar personalities (we both had moxie;) She died, though, when my mom was pregnant with me though, so I never got to really know her. I like to think we're kindred spirits all the same.
21: Favorite childhood memory?
It's hard to name a favorite, but one I think of fondly is the time that Ryan and I ran away. We lived on a dead end street, and we 'ran away' to the front yard of the last house on the street. We brought pillow cases for sleeping bags. I remember changing into tights - just tights - for my pajamas for the night. I remember Ryan packed one ski glove, Benny bear, and needed to go back for some rope. That's how we got found. But it was one of the times that Ryan and I were nice to each other.
22. Funny coming of age story:
Lisa, I remember when your visited shortly after your coming of age story. I was so jealous. I can't think of any really funny stories. Mostly still mortifying.
I remember thinking that you weren't really a teenager until you had zits. I, unfortunately, was blessed with my mother's immaculate Swiss complexion. Not a zit in sight. So I argued with my mom, trying to convince her that I was getting acne, so she bought me some Noxema astringent. I was happy.
23. Last time you peed your pants or wet the bed?
I could start a weekly feature on this blog telling stories of me peeing my pants. And it could go for years. But here's a good one I haven't told in a while. Homecoming dance, freshman year. (And yes, I should admit that this was college, not high school). First there were several factors - like how they had some soda dispensers that had kind of malfunctioned and there was soda all over the floor already, I had totally embarrassed myself but falling down while trying to swing dance with a rather tall fellow, and I totally had to go potty but this other fellow, (who I will not name), asked me to dance and because I was so embarrassed from my previous falling down bit, I was happy to be doing a dance that was not swing dancing - more of a stress relief really. We were doing a very silly dance just for fun that involved very high kicking. Well, it didn't have to be so high. I guess I got a little too into it. I accidentally kicked my partner you-know-where. Well, I started laughing so hard, out of total embarrassment and because it was just too freaking funny, and then... oh no... I couldn't hold it. I crossed my legs and tried for dear life to hold it in, but when I crossed my legs, I accidentally stepped on this girl's foot. She was not laughing, I was trying not to laugh, and she really wanted me to get off her foot. But I couldn't. I ended up running out the back door tinkling all the way. Fortunately, I made it undetected (at least I think no one noticed), thanks to the spilled soda. (P.S. It was Ryan that I kicked)

Lisa, I have to say, I think your number 4 answer is my favorite. And Erin, your number 23 had me rolling.

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Oh man you had me laughing so hard.
The "koala" one was my favorite.