Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An Ebay Day

Today has been a crazy day. Finn came down with a very high fever last night, almost 104 degrees. He's been around 100 degrees all day, so we've just been laying low. Unfortunately, that makes John a little stir-crazy, so he's been making a bit of trouble, but not too bad. Aside from the afternoon drama, I've been just trying to keep on our schedule, clean house and list some things on ebay. Today they had a .20 cent listing fee, no matter what you list your item at. I saved a couple of things to list for today and posted them. We'll see how they do. I have to sell (or try to sell) the twin vintage quilts I found. Dan doesn't really like them. I don't think he's too into the 'shabby chic' look. Maybe they aren't so chic, but definately cute.
Erin, if you are still looking around thrift stores and garage sales for things to resell on ebay, keep your eyes open for old Pyrex dishes. Heck, (great, now I sound like our mom's) you could probably find some at your parents house. Look through the sold vintage Pyrex listings on ebay. I found this listing on ebay and saw this set at a rummage sale soon after and snatched it up.
It's a great time to be scouting for deals. Happy thrifting.

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