Monday, April 30, 2007

My Apron Gluttony

Katie, with her super-awesome Anthro employee discount (no career change for her, she's just trying to support her Anthro-addiction and the side job with killer discount makes buying clothes there justifiable) got me this darling apron. I think it may be true, I might actually be an apron glutton. But read this comment left by "Mama" (which I'm assuming is Anna's mother-in-law). It makes me feel much better about my special love for aprons.
Ok, I made this silly little fellow, and maybe no one will love him but me, but I think he's kind of cute (it reminds me of the little monster on Lucia's shirt). I shrunk an old wool sweater to mini-me size so scrap material it became, and then....Funky Bunny. It has excellent ears, arms, and legs for a teething Finny though. I think we'll keep him, even if he's a bunny only a mother could love.

Ok, and here's another b-day pic, though I said I wouldn't. Katie got this really cute George that rides a tricycle. It's soo fun. Finn actually likes it, he just woke up from his nap in this pic, so he was very grumpy.


lisabean said...

I can't believe Finn is 1, give him a kiss for me. You are so skinny, your tiny, I'm jealous. I've begun lifting weights, because my arms are huge.

Flighty Girl said...

Ok, little confession - that's Katie.