Monday, April 9, 2007

Here's Finn finding an Easter egg. No, that's not my table cloth. That's the "Terrible Tunnel" and it apparently was not terrible enough, so we had to add another blanket to help it with it's "terrible" nature. (The "terrible tunnel" is from the show Fraggle Rock and John loves it.) We had a nice snowy Easter, and now I'm just trying to stop eating all the baked good and chocolate left over.


Irina S. said...

Wow, Finn is big. I don't remember what his birthday was but is he 1 yet? Is he walking?

Flighty Girl said...

At the end of the month he'll be one. He's not walking, he'll stand himself up totally unsupported and without anything to pull himself up on, but taking steps..... he's just not into it. It's fine though, I'm happy with his mobility be a little limited for a bit longer.