Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not on the news, but near it

I went to check for the mail and looked out the front porch to see our street covered with cops and medics. We live close to a high school and I was afraid of some sort of VT copy-cat or something. Then I saw through the houses a young man (I think it was a guy) on the ledge of the school and apparently a couple medics talking to him. While I started to pray, a bunch of news people swarmed our front porch. Thank goodness he decided to come down safely on his own. I don't know what the problem was, but it appeared no one was injured, thank God. When everyone was safe, I quickly snapped some pictures of the news people as they were leaving. A nervy bunch, just coming up on my porch like that.


lisabean said...

I can't believe they just came up on your porch like that, without even informing you. I could only imagine the fear.

Bridget said...

I would have kicked them off my property. That's so crazy!!!