Friday, April 13, 2007

Organization Begins with Crafting

I've been feeling a bit lost in my days. The boys have been super naughty and I've just been at the end of my rope. I decided I need to be better about being on a schedule and naps and routines and such. So I took my recently crafted vintage button push-pins, and set to work on my recently thrifted bulletin board. I wrote up my schedule (just a basic guideline for me to base my day on, no strict time frames) and my chores for each particular day, made a space for the grocery list and the weekly menu, so we all know what's supposed to be for dinner, and then I made them pretty.
It's so much nicer to be organized when your organizing is pretty. I think that having lists out where I can see them all at once is easier for me. I've tried to keep binders with my lists of "to do's" but they always end up falling to the wayside. I'm very visual, so having this displayed in my kitchen where I can see it helps, I think. Plus, it's got pretty paper with scalloped edges and darling buttons - who wouldn't want to reference that thing all day?
(This is kind of like when I realized that the closet was in terrible disarray and needed to be cleaned and organized so I took everything out and covered pretty boxes with saved wrapping paper. Everything, after a while, ended up in the prettified boxes, so all the time spent covering the boxes wasn't for not, but it is an awfully round-about way of doing things. Dan laughed at me for it, but I think he had to admit, the shoe boxes full of stuff looked so much nicer than just plain old shoe boxes.)

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